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 Cupola dust collector cupola bag filter foundry bag filter
The main contradiction of cupola dust control is dust removal. To grasp this main contradiction, design_ The physical and chemical characteristics of cupola flue gas are comprehensively considered, including gas composition, dust yield, initial dust concentration of furnace gas, weight dispersion of dust particles with different particle sizes, flue gas volume and temperature.
 BOF bag filter converter low pressure pulse dust collector converter dust removal system
The long bag low-pressure pulse dust collector is selected for the secondary flue gas dust collector of the converter in the steel plant, and the electric frequency motor is used for the fan. The company designs to combine the air volume of the converter charging dust removal system and the converter secondary flue gas dust removal system into a bag filter. Practice shows that the system has the characteristics of energy saving, high capture rate, low emission concentration and high degree of automation.
 Bag filter crusher pulse dust collector crusher dust collector
In the bag filter system of ore material crushing, the main characteristics of ore dust gas are: no temperature, no corrosion, no condensation, high dust dispersion, high dust outlet concentration, etc. The key to the design of the bag filter is that all the dust in the bag crusher will enter the dust collection system. Crusher bag filter, crusher pulse dust collector, crusher dust collector model and size Kangyue environmental protection manufacturer.
 Belt bag filter feeder pulse dust collector conveyor dust collector
According to the actual situation, our company designs the belt conveyor bag dust removal system. The gas characteristics of dust points in the belt conveying and feeding system of cement plant are small gas volume (generally induced air volume due to material drop), no temperature, no corrosion, no condensation, high dust dispersion, high dust outlet concentration, etc. Belt bag filter, feeder pulse dust collector, conveyor dust collector market demand is only increasing.
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Botou Kangyue environmental protection Co., Ltd. is a company with high reputation and high quality in Botou City Bag filter Single dust collector Pulse precipitator Cyclone dust collector Dust bag Dust removal framework Pulse solenoid valve Discharger Dust collector accessories And other series of products. Botou Kangyue environmental protection Co., Ltd. is a research, design, manufacturing, installation and after-sales service as one Bag filter Production enterprises. For a long time, our company has been committed to developing new environmental treatment technology, promoting clean environmental protection technology in the industrial field, carrying out environmental protection treatment from the source of pollution, and developing pollution control technology suitable for various complex working conditions, so as to meet the different needs of the market. The company has processing equipment, process equipment and environmental protection design personnel, who can design dust removal system of various complex working conditions, rather than simply carry out. The so-called "equipment selection" is to design dust removal equipment suitable for various industrial pollution source working conditions from the aspects of system rationality, technological innovation, input-output economy, etc., so as to achieve the emission index Or below the standard.
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