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Chain Star Discharger

The star discharge valve body and impeller can be welded by steel plate or cast. The structure of the blade made of cast seeds has good abrasion resistance, and the steel-type connection structure of the blade and the transmission shaft is compact and reliable, and is lightweight and energy-saving. The star-shaped ash discharge valve device is a star-shaped discharger for dust removal, air supply and other equipment feeding of dust removal equipment.
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Chain star unloader detailed introduction

The star-shaped unloader is used to be installed at the discharge port of the unloader working under negative pressure. The upper part receives the material discharged by the unloader. The rotating impeller plays the role of conveying the material, and also plays the role of sealing to prevent During the pneumatic conveying process, the air is sucked in from the discharge port. The normal discharge of the unloader, as a special discharge equipment, plays a great role in cleaning and cleaning. So it is necessary for us to summarize some of its characteristics. In this way, we can fully understand and maintain the star unloader and exert its capabilities. The unloader in the form of a chain applies suitable grease to the chain and sprocket together. During the entire operation of the unloader, adjust the pressure reducing valve so that the pressure at the seal is greater than the pressure of the material in the valve body, which is 0.05 MPa. The gas is oil-free and boring compressed air.
Before using the unloader, check the quantity and type of oil in the reducer, replace the new oil one month later, and then change the oil once a year. Before the unloader is used, we must firmly believe that the purpose of the rotor's twist target is clockwise. Before using the unloader, open the sprocket housing to check the tension of the chain.
Star unloader works:
(1) The unloader adopts the principle of planetary rotation, the input and output are on the same axis, and it has the uniqueness of being directly integrated with the motor. Therefore, it has a compact structure, beautiful appearance, small size and light weight.
(2) The unloader operates reliably and smoothly, with low noise, few failures, long life, and nodular cast iron and bearing steel.
(3) Bearings, gearboxes, away from the valve body, to avoid the impact of high temperature dust, the front and rear end covers have good sealing performance, prevent dust from leaking out, and prolong the service life of motor parts and lubrication systems.
(4) The unloader has strong overload capacity and small impact moment of inertia, which is suitable for frequent starting and reverse rotation.
Star Discharger Features:
1. Compact structure, beautiful appearance and easy to use.
2. Smooth operation and low noise.
3. As the bearings and gearboxes leave the housing for a distance, they are relatively large for high temperature and lubrication.
4. The factory can also design and manufacture according to user requirements. (Bracket coupling belt chain drive)
5. This product uses special grease for No. 00 reducer. Please check regularly and refuel.
model фA фB фC E F M H h ф
YJD02 type 250 210 150 650 420 122.5 225 12 9
YJD04 type 280 240 180 758 526 140 280 15 11
YJD06 type 300 260 200 778 536 150 300 15 11
YJD08 type 320 280 220 798 546 160 320 15 13
YJD10 type 340 300 240 880 628 170 340 18 13
YJD12 type 360 320 260 900 638 180 360 `18 17
YJD14 type 380 340 280 920 648 190 380 20 17
YJD16 type 400 360 300 960 678 200 400 20 17
YJD18 420 380 320 980 688 220 440 twenty two 17
YJD20 type 440 400 340 1000 698 230 460 twenty two 17
YJD26 type 500 460 400 1150 740 260 520 twenty four 17
YJD30 type 540 500 440 1190 755 280 560 twenty four 17
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