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Square mouth flange unloader

Star-shaped unloader (also known as rigid wheel feeder, star-shaped feeder, wind closer, rotary feeder, etc.) is used in construction materials, metallurgy, chemical, power and other departments as ash buckets for various types of dust removal equipment Unloading device.
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Square mouth flange unloader detailed introduction

Classification of star-shaped unloader : the upper and lower flange openings of the electric unloader are basically square or round, which can also be selected by the user.
The star discharger is divided into three types: ordinary type, high temperature type and pressure resistance type.
Among them, the temperature-resistant material can reach a temperature of 280 ° C. The bearings at both ends and the fine powder of the impeller are in contact with the bearings. The temperature of the high-temperature type conveying material can reach 500 ° C. It is connected by sprocket, and there is a distance between the reducer and the shell of the unloader.
Star unloader works:
The pressure-resistant wear-closed rotor impeller is characterized in that the end of the rotor blade is lined with a polyvinyl fluoride sealing strip, which can ensure that the blade end has a good contact with the inner wall of the shell, and the blade end can be easily adjusted after wearing to keep it in contact with the shell The parts keep good contact and have good air-locking performance.
The electric unloader consists of a rotor impeller with several blades, a casing, a seal, a reducer, and an electric motor. It has the characteristics of stable operation, low noise, and few failures. The use of nodular cast iron and bearing steel has the advantages of good performance and high resistance. As a kind of unloading equipment, electric unloader has played a great role in dust removal, metallurgy, building materials, chemical, food and other industries.
Star Discharger Features:
1. Compact structure, beautiful appearance and easy to use.
2. Smooth operation and low noise.
3. As the bearings and gearboxes leave the housing for a distance, they are relatively large for high temperature and lubrication.
4. The factory can also design and manufacture according to user requirements. (Bracket coupling belt chain drive)
5. This product uses special grease for No. 00 reducer. Please check regularly and refuel.
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