Kangyue wet dust collector, washing type dust collector - wet dust collector

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 Wet dust collector - washing type dust collector

Wet dust collector

It is also called the wet scrubber, which is used to separate the dust from the liquid. Wet dust collector is a kind of practical and effective dust separation equipment.
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Detailed introduction of wet dust collector

Wet dust collector , also known as Washing type dust collector It is a kind of equipment that uses water (or other liquid) to contact with dust containing gas, accompanied by heat and mass transfer, and then separates dust particles from gas after washing. Wet dust collector It's a kind of Practical and effective dust separation equipment.


Wet dedusting Advantages and disadvantages

Its advantages are: less equipment investment, simple structure; high purification efficiency, can be removed zero point one µ m Generally speaking, the equipment itself has no movable parts, such as good quality of manufacturing materials, so it is not easy to break down; in the process of dust removal, it has the functions of cooling down, increasing humidity and purifying harmful and toxic gases, which is very suitable for the treatment of high temperature and high humidity flue gas and n