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Belt Conveyor Bag Dust Collector

Our company designs a belt bag dust removal system based on the actual situation. The gas at the dust point of the belt conveyor and feeding system of the cement plant is characterized by a small amount of gas (generally the induced air volume due to the material drop), no temperature, and no corrosion , No condensation, high dust dispersion, large dust outlet concentration, etc. Belt bag dust collectors, feeder dust collectors, and conveyor dust collectors are in constant demand.
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Belt Conveyor Bag Dust Collector

The belt conveying and feeding bag dust removal system of the cement factory includes raw material mills, cement grinding heads, belts, batching systems, dust extraction and storage systems, etc. for dust removal.
The characteristics of the gas at the dust point of the belt conveying and feeding system of the cement plant are: small amount of gas (generally induced air volume due to material drop), no temperature, no corrosion, no condensation, high dust dispersion, high dust outlet concentration Wait. In the pipeline design of the belt conveying and feeding bag dust removal system of the cement plant, the key issue is to collect all the dispersed dust gas into the bag dust collector.
Our company's technical personnel based on the characteristics of the cement plant's belt conveyor and feeding system with complicated procedures, large material transportation volume, many process equipment and many dust spots. In the design, we should do the following.
(1) The falling drop of the conveying equipment is as small as possible.
The discharge drop of the equipment is small, not only the induced air volume is small, but also the gas dust concentration is small. This reduces the load of the dust removal system and creates a better prerequisite for good dust removal.
(2) Each dust point is equipped with a dust extraction hood with high dust collection efficiency and good airtight performance.
In order to make the dust extraction hood suck the dust-containing gas with high efficiency and good sealing performance, the key is to make the clearance between the dust hood and the body of the feeding and transportation equipment as small as possible. When affecting the equipment maintenance and repair at this place, the connection method of bolts and gaskets that are easy to disassemble and install is adopted.
(3) Balance the gas pressure in the nodes of the pipe network according to the required air volume for each dust point.
The pressure balance of the nodes (usually refers to the three-way or four-way in the parallel pipeline) is an important issue to be considered in the design, otherwise, the amount of air that should be drawn at each dust point cannot be __.
Based on the analysis of the above situation, the technical staff of our company has developed and produced an air box pulse dust collector suitable for feeding dust and belt conveyors in cement plants. This pulse dust removal system absorbs foreign experience, reforms the process of the dust collector in the cement plant, realizes the dust recovery of the cement plant-type conveying section, and improves the operating environment of the workers.
PPC type air box pulse cloth bag dust collector combines the advantages of various types of bag type dust collectors such as sub-chamber back blowing and spray pulse cleaning, and also overcomes the shortcomings of insufficient anti-blowing dust cleaning and spray pulse cleaning and filtering at the same time. Therefore, the application range of the air box pulse dust collector is expanded. Due to the special features of the structure of the PPC air box pulse dust collector, the dust collection efficiency is improved, and the service life of the filter bag is extended.
PPC type air box pulse bag dust collector is widely used in the dust collection of the clinker cooler mill and other systems in the crushing packaging storehouse of cement plants, and the dust collection of waste gas and other materials such as metallurgical, chemical, food, grain, electricity and civil boiler Recycle.
The material of the filter material of this dust collector is less than 120 ℃. Generally, polyester needle felt is used. If the temperature reaches 210 ℃, _ needle felt is used, but this filter is expensive.
PPC type air box pulse cloth bag dust collector is divided into outdoor type with different number of rooms and different number of bags in each room to form 33 specifications. There are four types of bags: 32, 64, 96, and 128 bags in each room. The length of the filter bag is 2450mm and 3060mm. The bag filter can be operated under negative pressure or positive pressure, and its dust collection efficiency can reach 99.9%. If the outdoor temperature is low, a thermal insulation device is required.
For dust sources with a small amount of dust-containing gas and low flow velocity, such as bag separators for coarse powder separators, coarse dust collectors, finished product discharge dust collectors, and dust sources at the bottom of the raw material (or cement) warehouse, the dust source can be used. On the basis of strengthening the screw conveyor seal, a pressure bag is added for dust removal. Raw material abrasive cloth bag dust collector, raw material abrasive cloth bag dust collector, clinker abrasive cloth bag dust collector, cement round warehouse roof dust collector, can use non-powered (or powered) pressure type dust collector.
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