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After sales service

Botou Kangyue Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. solemnly promises to users:
First, our environmentally-friendly products start with the audit of raw material manufacturers and the procurement of raw materials. We carefully and meticulously review each production and machining process until we produce environmentally-friendly products of reliable quality, and perform the intensity of each environmentally-friendly product from the factory Detection confirmation.
Second, Kangyue products operate under the strict control of the quality system, especially in the main raw material resin procurement, we have been using products with quality certification companies, non-certified sub-suppliers will strictly implement the company's procurement standards. The production process is strictly based on _ relevant standards. In order to distinguish it from the industry behaviors of environmental protection product manufacturers in the market today.
Third, Kangyue has its own testing center, domestic testing equipment and equipment, and quality control personnel to ensure that products are not qualified or leave the factory.
4. The products are subject to batch inspection and percentage sampling by Party A and the local quality inspection department at any time and place according to the standards.
V. Product _ warranty period of two years, lifetime maintenance.
Six, we shall _ supply the goods are brand new, unused, produced by _ technology, and fully meet the quality, specifications and performance requirements specified in the contract.
Seven, we shall _ its goods should have satisfactory performance during their service life under the conditions of correct installation, correct use and maintenance. During the quality period of twenty-four months after the installation and operation of the goods are qualified, we shall be responsible for failures due to defects in our own design, process or components and materials.
8. According to the inspection results of relevant departments or during the quality period, if the quantity, quality or specifications of the goods do not conform to the contract, or it is confirmed that the goods are defective, including potential defects or the use of components and materials that do not meet the requirements , Party A shall submit to us as soon as possible a written claim under the conditions.
Nine, we shall _ repair or replace the defective goods or parts within two days after receiving the notice.
X. If we do not make up for the defect within two days after receiving the notice, Party A can take necessary remedial measures, but its risks and costs will be borne by us, and Party A's other powers exercised by us in accordance with the contract will not be affected .
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