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Kangyue filter cartridge dust collector manufacturer

Source: Botou Kangyue environmental protection Release time: 2020/6/1 8:33:51
Cartridge dust collector is a new type of dust removal equipment improved on the basis of bag filter. It has the advantages of small floor area, convenient maintenance and management, simple operation, safe and reliable, and low operation cost.

Cartridge dust collector It has the advantages of small floor area, convenient maintenance and management, easy operation, safety and reliability, and low operation cost. It is a new generation product to solve the problems of high temperature, high humidity and agglomerative dust. The equipment is also suitable for metallurgy, smelting and other industries and the treatment of high temperature dust gas. The dust collection equipment adopts the deconvolution filter cartridge with high temperature resistance and strong hydrophobicity as the filtering medium. It can filter the dust containing gas in the fully wet state. The filter cartridge not only has the characteristics of small volume and large filtering area, but also can be used for a long time under the corresponding temperature and full temperature state. Dust removal equipment The constant resistance or timing method is used to clean the filter cartridge to ensure the clean surface and effective normal operation of the filter cartridge. The dust collecting equipment is also equipped with temperature display and alarm system. When the temperature exceeds the rated value, it will alarm automatically, so as to take corresponding measures in time.ope体育


Cartridge filter It's in a cloth bag Dust removal equipment On the basis of the improved new dust removal equipment, pulse active back blowing ash cleaning system, active or manual unloading valve, bypass valve, electric heating and other high-tech control systems are adopted to ensure the working power.


Cartridge filter Main features:

Low pressure difference and reasonable air inlet planning make air distribution more uniform in the body. Under normal conditions, the pressure drop is only 300 PA. High filtration power. The coal body of the filter cylinder is composed of excellent fiber filaments, and the outer surface is treated by resin coating, which has better filtration power. The power of other dust filters is incomparable.

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