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Dust remover and purifier equipment for welding fume treatment in multiple industrial posts

Source: Botou Kangyue environmental protection Release time: 2020/5/25 8:08:32
Multi post welding fume equipment is also called centralized welding fume purifier and centralized welding fume dust collector_ Significant advantages_ Dust removal efficiency is high, in the initial dust removal efficiency_ It can reach 99%, including suction fan, purification host, spray tower, control system, dust suction pipeline, purification accessories and system operation.

Multiple positions Welding fume equipment Also called centralized Welding fume purifier According to the different installation methods, the centralized dust removal equipment of multi station welding fume can be divided into mobile type and fixed type Welding fume equipment With 4 casters, it is easy to move. It is convenient to weld the source of dust in each dust suction workshop. Centralized Welding fume dust collector The remarkable advantage is that the dust removal efficiency is high, and the dust removal efficiency can reach 99% in the initial stage of dust removal, which is composed of suction fan, purification host, spray tower, control system, dust collection pipeline, purification accessories and system operation.


1. Cyclone dust collector

Cyclone dust remover is a device that makes the dust in the dust containing gas settle naturally with the help of gravity. Its characteristics are simple structure, small resistance, large volume, low dust removal efficiency and long maintenance period. Inertia dust collector is a kind of dust removal equipment which uses the inertia force of dust greater than that of gas in the movement to separate the dust from the gas. It is characterized by simple structure, small resistance and low dust removal efficiency.


2. Spray tower dust collector

Spray tower dust removal is to make the dust gas contact with water or other liquids, and separate the dust particles from the air flow by using the inertial expansion of water drops and dust particles and other functions. It has the advantages of low investment, simple fabrication, small floor area, simultaneous purification of harmful gas, cooling and humidification of dust containing gas. The secondary pollution of water in spray tower is its disadvantage.ope体育


3. Cartridge filter

The dust containing gas enters the dust collector box through the air inlet at the upper part of the dust collector. From up to down, due to the effect of gravity and downward airflow, the dust particles are directly dropped to the ash hopper, and the fine dust is captured on the outer surface by the filter cartridge. After being filtered and purified by the filter cartridge, the clean gas enters the cleaning room from the center of the filter cartridge, and then is discharged through the lower air outlet. With the continuous filtration condition, the dust accumulated on the surface of the filter cylinder increases. At this time, the pulse controller controls the solenoid valve to open according to the set pulse period and pulse interval, ejects high-pressure gas, blows into the inner chamber of the filter cartridge, shakes off the dust accumulated on the surface, falls into the ash hopper and is discharged through the ash discharge port. The cartridge filter has the advantages of small area, high purification efficiency and no secondary pollution.

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