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Service life and use of star-shaped ash discharge valve

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The service life and purpose of the star-shaped ash discharge valve is an approximate value for its application life. We can stop the test of its life. The application life of the hard-sealed star-shaped ash discharge valve is that it is at room temperature
Service life and use of star-shaped ash discharge valve
1. Normal use of star ash discharge valve
The cast of the star-shaped ash unloading valve can't prevent the casing from wearing even if it is thick, because the leaf runner of the star-shaped ash unloading valve is fixed, the gap between the impeller and the shell is fixed, and the material will be constantly in the process of operation. The shell is rubbed, causing wear. Solving the problem of unloader wear is the key to determining the life of the unloader. 2. Installation of star-shaped ash discharge valve motor and reducer.
The motor and reducer of the star-shaped ash discharge valve are simply installed directly. The reducer of the motor is an integrated structure. Although the cost problem is solved, the motor is not easy to replace. Even with the old-fashioned structure, the stability of the motor reducer needs to be improved. The rationality of the structure needs to be updated, which is the key to the development of the star-shaped ash discharge valve.
The star-shaped ash unloading valve can work in very harsh environments, especially in severe dust environments, and solves many transportation problems, such as in the ore production industry. However, it is also such a harsh environment that often causes the star ash valve to have a long life. How can we make the star ash valve longer? In fact, we only need some simple operations _ can be achieved . When you normally operate the star-shaped ash discharge valve, _ pay attention to the time of startup _ no-load operation, if there is still material on the chain, you must empty it and then turn it on again. This _ is more troublesome. Manual emptying is tiring . So we should pay attention. Every time you use the star-shaped ash discharge valve, you must wait until the material is completely emptied before pressing the shutdown button. Otherwise, the material staying too long will not only affect the conveyor belt, but also As a result, there are difficulties when starting up. Because no-load start-up can _ reasonably use the motor, if the load is started, when the motor is just started, the load is large, and the motor speed has not yet come up. It will cause the motor to burn out, which is also a very large loss, and may even cause a fire, which requires special attention. It is also very important, because the star-shaped ash discharge valve is often used in some more complicated environments, so pay special attention to its working lubrication part. Because of the influence of dust, many lubricating parts are prone to dry, which will cause serious wear and reduce the life of the star-shaped ash discharge valve.
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