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Purification principle and maintenance of bag filter

泊头市康越环保 发布时间: 2018/6/1 13:40:34 Source : Kangyue Environmental Protection , Botou Time: 2018/6/1 13:40:34
Compared with other types of cloth bags, mechanical shock mining bag dust collectors are widely used. Our company applies the cleaning principle and maintenance of the bag filter to solve the difficult problems of customers.
、反吹风布袋除尘器以及脉冲布袋除尘器等。 Mine dust collectors can be roughly divided into mechanical shock bag dust collectors , anti-air bag dust collectors, and pulse bag dust collectors.
As the thickness of the layer of dust particles trapped on the surface of the bag of the dust collector becomes thicker over time, it prevents the passage of dust-containing gas, causing a sharp drop in filtration resistance, which seriously affects the normal use of the bag dust collector. Therefore, the bag dust collector must adopt appropriate dust removal measures to ensure its normal use. According to the different cleaning methods, bag dust collectors can be roughly divided into mechanical shock bag dust collectors, anti-air bag dust collectors, and pulse bag dust collectors.
Compared with other types of bag dust collectors, mechanical shock beating bag dust collectors are reliable, simple in structure, and easy to design and manufacture. Therefore, rice processing and manufacturing enterprises usually widely use it for secondary purification of dust-containing gas. It consists of a gas distribution box (upper box), a dust collection box (lower box), a middle box (connecting the upper and lower boxes, with a cloth bag inside), and a ash cleaning device. The working principle of the mine bag dust collector purification is: after entering the gas distribution box, the dust-containing gas immediately enters the bags in the middle box, the dust-containing gas is discharged into the atmosphere through the holes of the bag fabric, and the dust particles are blocked in the bag fabric. On the inner surface, most of the dust particles slowly settle to the dust box under the action of gravity. A small amount of dust particles adhere to the inner surface of the bag fabric. After a period of time, the motor passes the reducer, coupling and screw mechanism. When the dust-cleaning frame is driven to move up and down, the cloth bag is compressed, and the dust particles adhering to the inner surface of the bag fabric fall and fall into the dust box. The dust particles in the dust box are collected outside the machine after being collected by the funnel box.
Therefore, after the dust-containing gas passes through the cyclone dust collector, the coarse particles (greater than 20 microns) are collected by the cyclone dust collector and then mixed into the bran powder to be used directly. Exhaust gas (roughly purified gas) is further removed by mechanical shock mining bag dust collectors to remove fine particles (less than 20 microns), the total dust removal efficiency can reach more than 95%, and the collected fine particles can be directly used after being mixed with bran powder The dust concentration of the purified gas is less than 0.1 mg per cubic meter, which meets the specified sanitary standards, and can be directly discharged into the atmosphere or returned to the production workshop for recycling.
This type of dust collector is widely used, and it is suitable for use in various fields, especially heavy industry enterprises. It is suitable to use this type of dust removal equipment. Heavy industry enterprises such as building materials industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, machinery industry, light industry, power industry, etc. The dust removal in the house uses this kind of dust removal equipment.
The bag dust collector box is well sealed. The box body is designed with air tightness. The inspection door is designed with excellent sealing materials and has a low air leakage rate. The outlet air duct of the equipment and the inlet air duct of the equipment are compactly arranged with a small airflow resistance. This type of dust remover adopts separate room air blowing to carry out ash cleaning. The ash cleaning cycle is long and the consumption is low. The service life of the filter bag and the valve plate are very high. This kind of dust removal equipment is convenient for maintenance, and it can be maintained without stopping the equipment without delaying the normal work of the equipment.
When using a baghouse dust collector, pay attention to it. If there is a lot of moisture in the flue gas and the smoke is highly hygroscopic with dust, the filter bag will block the filter material. In order to make the dust collector work properly, the dust collector must be insulated. __ The moisture in the air will not condense, and the dust removal effect will be good.
Bag dust collectors have a strong dust removal effect. It should be noted that if you use dust removal equipment in cold areas, water vapor will condense and affect the blowing effect of the dust collector. Try not to place the dust collector outdoors.
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