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Bag filter for hot galvanizing plant

泊头市康越环保 发布时间: 2013/11/27 8:59:17 Source: Kangyue Environmental Protection , Botou City Time: 2013/11/27 8:59:17
Bag filter for hot galvanizing plant

According to Kangyue's research on zinc powder recovery equipment in the galvanizing industry for many years, it has achieved good results in the zinc powder recovery of hot-dip galvanized bag dust collectors , which meets long-life environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction, high recovery efficiency, and zinc powder recovery Good, easy maintenance requirements, and responsible for the integrity, rationality and performance of the dust bag and supporting cages within the scope of delivery.
The following two are dust collectors for the research of zinc powder recovery in the hot-dip galvanizing industry.

1. Hot-dip galvanized inner bag dust collector

Working principle of dust collector
滤袋外表面。 The gas purification method of the PBMC pulse tube spray offline ash dust remover is an external filter type. The dust-containing gas enters the filter room of each unit from the air intake system. Due to the design, the vertical distance between the bottom of the bag and the upper opening of the air inlet has a reasonable reasonable headroom. The airflow is evenly distributed in the entire filtering room under the influence of the air deflector, windshield and distribution screen; the particulate dust in the dust-containing gas is directly separated into the ash hopper after being separated by natural sedimentation, and the remaining dust enters the airflow through the distribution screen The filter area of the box is adsorbed on the outer surface of the filter bag . The filtered clean gas passes through the filter bag and is discharged through the upper box and the exhaust pipe.
The filter bag uses compressed air to spray and clean the ash. The ash cleaning mechanism consists of an off-line valve, an air bag, a blow pipe and an electromagnetic pulse control valve. 脉冲阀并与压缩空气气包相通。 A spray pipe is arranged on the top of the outlet of each row of filter bags in the filter room. The lower side of the spray pipe is directly opposite the center of the filter bag. A spray valve is provided on each spray pipe and communicates with the compressed air bag. 电磁阀打开脉冲阀,压缩空气经喷口喷向滤袋,与其引射的周围气体一起射入滤袋内部,引发滤袋全面抖动并形成由里向外的反吹气流作用,_附着在滤袋外表面的粉尘,达到清灰的目的。 During ash cleaning, the solenoid valve opens the pulse valve, compressed air is sprayed to the filter bag through the nozzle, and the surrounding gas injected by it is injected into the inside of the filter bag, causing the filter bag to fully shake and form a back blowing air flow from the inside to the outside. The dust attached to the outer surface of the filter bag can achieve the purpose of dust removal.  
The control of the dust collector (including dust removal control, etc.) is controlled by PLC. 除尘系统的控制可实行自动化无人值守控制,并向工厂大系统反馈信息、接受工厂大系统远程控制。 The control of the entire dust removal system can implement automatic unattended control, and feed back information to the plant's large system and accept remote control of the plant's large system.

2.Introduction of hot-dip galvanized zinc pot flue gas precipitator

At present, in the galvanizing industry, many harmful gases are generated in the production of hot-dip galvanizing. What is more harmful is the zinc dust (zinc oxide) smoke generated during hot-dip galvanizing, and the ammonium chloride gas emitted when the solvent (ammonium chloride, zinc chloride) is heated. These smoke and dust affect the working environment and corrode the plant. , Equipment, etc.
General technical requirements of this equipment:
1. Product spraying line;
2. A fixed top suction hood is set above the zinc pot, and the harmful dust is extracted through the pipeline, filtered by a large bag filter, passed through the chimney, and discharged to the atmosphere.  
The equipment needs to meet the following indicators:
1. Capable of trapping more than 5μm particles of soot volatilized from the zinc pot, and the rate of zinc smoke absorption is above 90%;
2. Post dust concentration ≤ 10 mg / m3 (minus the environmental background value);
3. The capture rate of zinc slag and zinc powder is over 90%;
4. The design of the equipment itself should be consistent with the working environment and have a good man-machine relationship, which is convenient to use.
5. The equipment design itself should meet the environmental protection design specifications of the industry.
6. After dust removal, the concentration and rate of gas emission shall meet the secondary requirements in Table 2 of the "Integrated Emission Standard for Air Pollutants" (GB16297-1996); the achievement of compliance with emissions shall be achieved _ monitoring and acceptance by environmental protection departments.
7, equipment bags should be guaranteed for one year, and can still pass the acceptance of relevant environmental protection departments after one year.
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