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DMC pulse bag filter

泊头市康越环保 发布时间: 2013/8/27 18:21:05 Source : Kangyue Environmental Protection , Botou City Time: 2013/8/27 18:21:05
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型脉冲 布袋除尘器 介:脉冲布袋除尘器是以压缩空气为清灰动力,利用脉冲喷吹机构在瞬间放出压缩空气,诱导数倍的二次空气高速射入滤袋,使滤袋急剧膨胀,依靠冲击振动和反向气流而清灰的袋式除尘器。 DMC Pulse Bag Dust Collector Introduction : Pulse bag dust remover uses compressed air as the dust removal power, and uses pulse blowing mechanism to release compressed air instantly, and induces multiple times of secondary air to enter the filter bag at high speed, which makes the filter bag sharp. Expansion, bag dust collector for dust removal by shock vibration and reverse airflow. DMC type is a kind of _ dust removal and purification equipment, electronically controlled injection type, large air volume. Widely used in coking, refractory, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, food, mining machinery, pesticides, electronics and other working conditions of non-fibrous industrial dust removal and purification of enterprises, but not suitable for high humidity dusty gas. 1 、清灰效果好。 Features: 1. Good dust removal effect. η=99.5% 2. High dust removal efficiency, η = 99.5% . 3 , large processing gas volume, high filtering wind speed, processing the same gas volume is cheaper than other bag filters. 4. The filter bag has a long life, small maintenance workload, and safe and reliable operation. 5.Blowing time and interval are adjustable.

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