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Filter bag of key components of bag filter

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滤袋 The key component of the bag filter - filter bag

With the development of science and technology and the progress of society, power plants, steel plants, cement plants, paper mills, etc. have continued to increase, as well as automobile exhaust emissions. A series of human factors have made air pollution more and more serious. Because the dust bag high efficiency, reliable operation, low cost, easy maintenance and welcomed by many users.

The principle of the bag filter is the process of separating solid particles in the gas by using filtering technology. The dust particles in the gas is separated in two steps, and sometimes trapped dust bag fibrous layer; twenty capture dust particles on the dust layer. I.e. fine dust bag filter processing can be far below the emission standard _, various properties of the dust have very good dust removal effect. 滤袋。 To do a bag filter dust removal efficiency reached, he can not do without a key component - the bag.

Based on the experience I have gathered in the process of the bag filter produced by the company, let me talk about the selection of filter bags for the bag filter. 1 、基本成分 2 、单位重量 3 、厚度 4 、密度 5 、透气量 6 、孔隙率 7 、断裂强度 8 、断裂伸长 9 、使用温度 10 、热量缩率 11 、表面处理 12 、特殊处理。 When the special filter bag sewn, the filter see a particular look at his basic disadvantage _: 1, the basic components 2, 3 basis weight, thickness 4, 5 density, air permeability of 6, 7 porosity, 8 breaking strength, elongation at break 9, 10 temperature, heat shrinkage 11, 12, a special surface treatment process. There are dozens of varieties of filter bags. This _requires us_ design selects the appropriate filter material according to the use environment of the bag filter provided by the user and the nature of the dust-containing particles. That is to say, for the filter material to be selected, there must be no punctures, no black spots, no jumpers, no breaks, no connectors, etc. For his physical characteristics_ is the unit mass, density, and void we mentioned earlier Rate etc.

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