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"How to deal with the dust of the bag filter" Need to know

泊头市康越环保 发布时间: 2013/7/23 8:15:22 Source: Kangyue Environmental Protection , Botou City Time: 2013/7/23 8:15:22
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The clogging of the cloth bag increases the resistance. It can be seen from the reading of the differential pressure meter that the clogging of the cloth bag is the main cause of the wear, perforation, and shedding of the cloth bag. The following maintenance work can be performed to adjust the installation and operating conditions. Ground cleaning should be strengthened to eliminate the clogging of the bag, and the bag should be partially or completely replaced. Measures to prevent clogging of dust-removing cloth bags. Wet the cloth bags, and then check whether the box of the dust collector is leaking, and then eliminate the leakage, dry, and repeatedly clean the dust. The aging of the cloth bag is mainly caused by the following reasons: 1. Reaction with water; 2. Contact with acid, alkali or solvent vapor; 3. Filter cloth should not be hung too tightly or too tightly. It is easy to be damaged if it is too tight. 4. Replace the cloth bag first with compressed air and then check for holes. After the holes are repaired, they must be replaced. If the bag is covered with dust, rinse it with water and leave it to be replaced after cooling to dry. 5. Hardening and shrinking due to abnormal high temperature. 6. Old cloth bags of new process should not be mixed to avoid different damage time and affecting the normal operation of dust removal equipment.
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