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The Spring Festival is approaching, all employees of Kangyue Environmental Protection wish you good health and a prosperous business in the new year, and thank you for your support in the past year! For the implementation of our service, we will test and send the 2020 Spring Festival Holiday time and logistics outage time announced.
Mechanical vibrating bag-type dust collector is a dust collector that uses a mechanical device to shake or shake the frame of a suspended filter bag to cause the dust filter bag to vibrate and remove dust from the bag. Including artificial vibration, mechanical vibration and high-frequency oscillation. The direction of the rapping force can be up and down vibration or horizontal vibration.
Fly ash plant warehouse dust collector can install dust removal equipment on the top and bottom of the warehouse. This time, the company took the top of the warehouse as an example, and selected Kangyue's self-made pulse bag dust collector. In order to meet the requirements of different working conditions, the pulse interval and pulse width of the pulse controller can be adjusted arbitrarily.
The installation and commissioning of the Kangyuehuan mine crusher dust collector is completed. The company's staff customized a bag duster according to the site's mechanical cutting, grinding and crushing sieve conditions. The pulse bag duster is a type of large air volume, good dust removal effect, Large dust removal equipment with high dust removal efficiency, reliable operation, convenient maintenance and small footprint.
The service life and purpose of the star-shaped ash discharge valve is an approximate value for its application life. We can stop the test of its life. The application life of the hard-sealed star-shaped ash discharge valve is that it is at room temperature.
Compared with other types of cloth bags, mechanical shock mining bag dust collectors are widely used. Our company applies the cleaning principle and maintenance of the bag filter to solve the difficult problems of customers.
With the continuous improvement of the bag filter technology in China, especially the update of the ash cleaning system technology and the continuous optimization of the production process, the application of the dust collector has become more and more widespread. Among them, the common problem in the dust collector is the pulse valve. Leakage, so what are the reasons for pulse valve leakage?
Warmly celebrate Botou Kangyue Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. on the Alibaba website and passed third-party certification. The domain name of the Ali station is http://btkycc.1688.com. This signifies that Kangyue Company has opened a new chapter in online sales, and it also indicates that the company has entered a new pattern in online sales and physical production.
There are two main sources of air pollution: natural factors and human factors. Natural causes are mainly air pollutants such as dust, smoke, and sulfur-containing gases produced by volcanoes and forest fires.
Bag filter for hot galvanizing plant
Dust removal skeleton, dust removal bag, electromagnetic pulse valve, unloader
Dust removal skeleton, dust removal bag, electromagnetic pulse valve, unloader
Bag dust collector, stand-alone dust collector, pulse dust collector, cyclone dust collector
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