Working principle of HD small mechanical vibrating bag filter

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Working principle of HD small mechanical vibrating bag filter

Source: Botou Kangyue environmental protection Release time: 2020/10/16 8:53:05
HD series shaking single machine dust collector is a kind of small mechanical vibration dust remover. HD single machine dust remover is mainly used for roof, bottom, belt conveying and local dust source dedusting. There are six specifications of this series of units, and each specification is divided into three forms: A, B and C. the lower part is directly connected to the top, bin and belt transportation according to the requirements Dust removal is carried out on the dust equipment such as the transfer place, and the dust is directly recovered.
HD series Shaking single machine dust collector It's a small one Mechanical vibration duster It is mainly used for the top, bottom, belt conveying and local dust source dedusting. The dust cleaned from the dust remover can be directly discharged into the warehouse or directly fall on the belt. The dust containing gas enters the dust collector from the lower part of the dust collector. After being filtered by the filter bag, the clean air is discharged by the induced draft fan. After the dust remover works for a period of time, the dust on the filter bag increases gradually, which causes the resistance of the filter bag to rise. Therefore, the dust removal needs to be carried out. After the dust removal is completed, the dust collector works normally.
 Single dust collector
The series of units have six specifications, and each specification is divided into three forms: A, B and C. type A has ash door, B type has drawer, and type C has neither ash door nor drawer; the lower addition method is directly connected to dust removal equipment on the top of the warehouse, silo, belt transportation transfer place and other dust removal equipment according to the requirements, and the dust is directly recovered. (1) Structural features the basic structure of the series of dust remover is composed of three parts: fan, box and ash door. Each part is installed in a vertical frame, with extremely compact structure. The structural features of the components are as follows: 1. The fan components are of general standard fan, which is easy to repair and replace, and adopts isolation facilities with low noise; 2. The "729" cylinder filter bag is selected as the filter material, which has good filtering effect and long service life; 3. The side bar mechanism driven by motor is used to clean the filter bag
For the inner surface of the filter bag, the control device can be divided into two types: control or self-control. The time of dust removal is adjusted by time relay (the electric control box is matched with the dust collector); 4. The ash door adopts two kinds of structures, i.e. suction door and ash door, so it is very convenient to clean the dust.
 Vibrating bag filter
Working principle: the dust containing gas enters the box from the inlet of the dust remover and is filtered through the filter bag. The dust is left on the inner surface of the filter bag. The purified gas enters the fan through the filter bag, and is inhaled by the fan and discharged into the room directly (it can also be connected and discharged out of the room). With the increase of filtering time, the dust adhered on the inner surface of the filter bag is also increasing, and the resistance of the filter bag increases, thus affecting the dust removal effect; the automatic dust cleaning mechanism is used for timing controlled vibration cleaning or the manual control dust cleaning mechanism is automatically shaken for tens of seconds after shutdown, so that the dust adhering to the inner surface of the filter bag is shaken off, and the dust falls onto the ash door, drawer or directly onto the conveyor belt.
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