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RCO catalytic combustion structure device

Source: Botou Kangyue environmental protection Release time: 2020/7/6 8:38:32
Regenerative catalytic combustion, referred to as RCO, is also called catalytic combustion, adsorption + desorption + catalytic combustion integrated equipment. It consists of a catalytic device and a combustion device.

Regenerative type catalytic combustion RCO, also called RCO catalytic combustion , adsorption + desorption+ Integrated catalytic combustion equipment RCO catalytic decomposition unit is composed of pretreatment device, preheating device, catalytic combustion device and explosion-proof device.

  catalytic combustion

1. Waste gas pretreatment: in order to avoid blockage of catalyst bed and poisoning of catalyst, waste gas shall be treated before entering the bed_ Pretreatment is carried out to remove dust, droplet and catalyst poison in exhaust gas.ope体育

2. Preheating device: the preheating device includes exhaust gas preheating device and catalyst burner preheating device. Since the catalyst has a catalytic activity temperature, it is called the catalyst light off temperature for catalytic combustion_ Catalytic combustion can be carried out only when the temperature of exhaust gas and bed reaches the ignition temperature_ Set the preheating device. But for the exhaust gas temperature itself_ If the temperature can reach 300 ℃ or above, it is unnecessary to set a preheating device.ope体育

3. Catalytic combustion unit: the fixed bed catalytic reactor is generally used, and the design of the reactor shall be carried out according to the specification, which shall be convenient for operation, maintenance and loading and unloading of catalyst.ope体育

4. Explosion proof device: diaphragm pressure relief explosion-proof, installed on the top of the host, when the equipment operation accident, can be timely split pressure relief, to prevent accidents.ope体育

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