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Precautions for installing bag filter on site

泊头市康越环保 发布时间: 2020/1/7 9:14:22 Source : Kangyue Environmental Protection , Botou Time: 1/7/2020 9:14:22
Since the bag filter is easy to install, customers only need to order the dust collector, which saves installation costs and saves resources for the enterprise. How do you install the dust collector equipment after it arrives? Here are a few installation steps.
Because the bag filter is easy to install, customers only need to order the dust collector , which saves installation costs and saves resources for the enterprise. How to install the dust collector after it arrives. Here are a few installation steps.
1. In order to facilitate transportation, the dust collector is disassembled and delivered. After receiving the equipment, first check the goods according to the equipment list, check for missing parts or damage, and repair the damage caused in the transportation process in a timely manner, and properly store the arrival equipment.

2. Install the equipment from bottom to top. The equipment foundation is the same as that of the dust collector . Trim before installation, then lift the pillars, adjust the horizontal and verticality, install the beams and ash buckets. After the ash buckets are fixed, check the relevant dimensions and then check them Is the air box, pulse valve, blow pipe, electrical system, compressed air pipe, bag cage and filter bag installed in the lower and middle boxes and air ducts intact?

3The installation of the blowing pipe is strictly carried out according to the drawing. The distance between the nozzle and the flower plate is consistent with the center of each nozzle on the nozzle.

4 The connection flanges of all inspection doors, air inlets and outlets, valves, etc. are sealed at all joints.

5 When installing the compressed air pipeline, clean up the foreign matter in the pipe and perform a seal test. The test pressure is 1.15 times the working pressure.

6Then install the filter bag and apply the topcoat, remove the blowing pipe before installing the filter bag. When the filter bag is being transported and parked, it is necessary to prevent the filter bag from coming into contact with hard or sharp objects. It is forbidden to step on or press heavily to prevent damage. The mouth of the filter bag should be closely fitted to the hole of the flower plate, and it should not be skewed. The bag cage should be installed vertically.
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