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The structure of the micro-mechanical vibrating bag filter is the same as that of other bag cleaning methods. It consists of a box body, a rejection frame, a filter bag, and an ash bucket. The difference is that the ash cleaning device is different. The mechanical vibration bagging dust collector has a manual vibration device for ash cleaning. Electric devices and pneumatic devices, of which electric devices are more used.
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The entire equipment of the mechanical vibration bag type dust collector includes five parts, which are a clean box, a dust box, an ash hopper, a blowing device and a bracket.
1. Clean gas box part: This part is equipped with a blow pipe, there is a clean gas outlet on the upper part, and the front is an access door. When the access door is opened, the next filter bag can be easily replaced.
2. Dust gas part: The dust gas inlet is set in the upper part of the gas box, and a filter bag is installed in the box.
3. Ash hopper: After the dust enters the dust box, clean air and empty the filter bag to clean the air box. The dust will settle in the ash hopper. And the direction of sedimentation is the same as the direction of airflow, which facilitates the sedimentation of dust. There is a partition between the clean air box and the dust box.
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Classification of vibrating bag filter
(1) The cam mechanical vibrating device relies on mechanical force to vibrate the filter bag, shake off the dust layer adhered to the filter bag, and restore the filter bag's filtering ability. It has a poor effect on small filter bags and large filter bags. Its parameters are generally: rapping time l ~ 2min, rapping stroke 30 ~ 5omm; rapping frequency 20 ~ 30 times / min,
(2) The compressed air vibration device uses air as the power and uses the cylinder piston to move up and down to vibrate the filter bag to shake off the dust. The stroke is small and the frequency is high.
(3) The motor eccentric vibration device uses the motor eccentric as a vibrator, vibrates the filter bag frame, and shakes off the dust on the filter bag. Since there is no stroke, it is often used in combination with back blowing, which is suitable for small filter bags.
(4) Horizontal vibration device Relying on the motor, crank and connecting rod to drive the frame of the crossing bag to vibrate laterally, this method can be properly tightened when installing the filter bag, so that the lower part of the filter bag is not affected by the dust scouring and wear due to the looseness of the filter bag.
(5) Vibrator vibrating device Vibrator vibrating and ash cleaning is a commonly used vibrating method. This method is simple and has high transmission efficiency. According to the size and number of filter bags, as long as the vibration force of the vibrator is adjusted, it can meet Requirements for mechanical vibration cleaning,
(6) Transmission vibration device The vibration mechanism of each filter chamber is implemented by a single drive. The ash cleaning conversion is achieved by an independent transmission device, which performs only one function; the vibration of the filter bag in the filter bag chamber is greatly simplified. Filter mechanism. Each filter chamber of the filter is divided into two small rooms with two sets of filter bags, so the machine can independently shake any one of the filter bags.
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