Sichuan customer ordered the dust collector filter cartridge has been shipped, pay attention to check

Filter cartridge materials can be divided into long fiber polyester filter cartridges, composite fiber filter cartridges, flame retardant filter cartridges, coated filter cartridges , nano filter cartridges, and so on. At present, most of the market uses coated membrane cartridges . The coated membrane cartridges use imported polyester fiber as a filter material, and a layer of submicron-level thin fibers is adhered to the general filter material, and the fibers are arranged on the adhesive layer Very tight, the extremely small sieve can block most of the sub-micron dust particles on the surface of the filter material; the use of filter material folds can increase the filtering area, and the capture rate of dust particles above 0.5 μm can reach 99.9% the above. The filter cartridge has good performance such as temperature resistance, rapid cooling and hot heating, etc. It is a filter element with low resistance and high collection rate. The height of the filter cartridge is small, and the workload of installation and maintenance is small; after a period of good use, replace and wash the filter cartridge regularly to ensure the filtration effect and accuracy.
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