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The price of the dust collector is closely related to the dust collector itself. One thing that has to be said is the compressive strength of the carcass. It is not uncommon for compressive strength to be used as an indicator in foreign product samples. Because the bag filter is mostly operated under negative pressure, the wall panel is often indented due to insufficient rigidity of the carcass, and it will slam when the pressure is released and rebounded.
The steel consumption refers to the steel consumption per square meter of filtering area of the dust collector body, also known as the steel consumption rate, and the unit is kg / m2. Steel consumption is different for different bag filters. The amount of steel consumption is related to the structural design of the dust collector equipment, the pressure resistance degree, and the ash removal method.
DMC-64 bag dust collector, 72 bags, 80 bags of pulse stand-alone dust collector filter the dust through the dust bag inside the dust collector box. The components are fan, bracket, rain cap, tube box, electrical box, filter bag, sealed tube box, welding flange, etc.
The dust removal efficiency is based on the ability of the industrial dust collector to capture dust to evaluate the performance of the dust collector. The amount of dust that is not captured (that is, the quality of dust discharged in 1 hour) indicates the dust removal effect. The percentage of the amount of dust that has not been captured in the amount of dust entering the environmental protection equipment of the dust collector is called the transmittance (also known as the transmittance or the pass rate).
Since the bag filter is easy to install, customers only need to order the dust collector, which saves installation costs and saves resources for the enterprise. How do you install the dust collector equipment after it arrives? Here are a few installation steps.
GFC type boiler pulse dust collector is a medium-sized anti-blowing bag dust collector, designed to meet environmental protection requirements. GFC boiler pulse dust collector is a chamber-type circulating blowback ash cleaning, downdraft, and internal filter type dust collector. It is suitable for metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, electric power, food processing, machinery and other industries, as well as industrial furnaces or boilers, as a purification dust concentration.
The components of the pulse bag dust collector are: dust collector ash hopper, inlet and exhaust duct, filter room (middle and lower cabinet), clean room, filter bag and (bag cage), manual air inlet valve, pneumatic butterfly valve, pulse cleaning Grey institutions, etc. Pulse bag filter is a filter type dust removal device, which uses organic fiber or inorganic fiber filter cloth to filter out the dust in the gas.
The performance parameters of the bag filter include processing gas flow rate, dust removal efficiency, emission concentration, pressure loss (or resistance), air leakage rate, and steel consumption. If a comprehensive evaluation is made of the dust collector, not only these performance indicators but also the ease of installation, operation, and maintenance of the dust collector, and operating costs.
The high-temperature bag filter adopts high-pressure (0.5 ~ 0.4MPa) large-flow pulse valve to filter the dust one by one. It can collect more than 99.9% of the dust from a large amount of fine dust gas. It can operate stably in the exhaust dust removal of vertical kilns, dryers, clinker coolers, etc. in the cement industry, and its emission concentration is less than 100mg / Nm3.
The stand-alone pulse dust collector is composed of the housing, the ash hopper, the ash discharge device of the bracket, and the pulse ash cleaning system. The pulse dust collector can be designed in combination (Z) or non-standard (F) according to the site environment and gas properties and air volume. The pulse blowing width and dust cleaning cycle of each dust collecting room are controlled by a programmable controller.
Bag dust collector consists of air inlet, filter bag, filter bag frame, pulse blowing device, air outlet, fan, ash bucket (air distribution device) and screw conveyor or impeller unloader, ladder maintenance platform, guardrail, electrical control, etc. composition. Dust-containing gas is pulled under the negative pressure of the fan from the air inlet of the box (or lower part) into the dust collector, filtered by the filter bag, and then filtered to the clean room from the air outlet through the system fan to the atmosphere.
When the dust collector at the top of the warehouse is working, the dust-containing gas enters the filter chamber from the open flange at the lower part, and the coarse particles fall directly into the ash bin. The dust-containing gas is filtered by the filter bag, and the dust is retained on the bag surface. The clean room is exhausted into the atmosphere by a fan. The pulse dust collector has a strong ash cleaning effect and a good ash cleaning effect, which can improve the filtering wind speed. Pulse cleaning is a good cleaning method at present.
The ash cleaning of bag pulse precipitator generally adopts three methods of time, pressure difference and mixing, and can realize automatic and manual control methods. Under normal circumstances, the bag filter enters the automatic control program after receiving the operation signal of the main fan. The on-site operation cabinet can be manually controlled for each independent unit to be cleaned in accordance with the cleaning procedure in turn, or each unit can be cleaned separately in turn;
PPC air box pulse bag type dust collector is a kind of sub-chamber structure assembling type, which uses a room top pulse valve to separate the filter bags of each room in turn to separate the air filter pulse ash (so-called offline ash) bag type dust collector. PPC air box pulse dust collector is different from the general spray type dust collector. The spray pulse dust cleaning is in the same filter room, which only sprays and cleans each row of filter bags (the so-called reline cleaning). Ash), while the other rows of filter bags are still filtering.
The performance of industrial dust collectors is expressed by the amount of gas that can be processed, the resistance loss when the gas passes through the dust collector, and the dust removal efficiency. Here are five types of dust collectors for customers to choose from, mechanical dust collectors, wet dust collectors, bag dust collectors, filter cartridge dust collectors, and electric dust collectors.
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