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Jinan customer order yjd-a-260 square flange star unloader has been delivered, please check

Source: Botou Kangyue environmental protection Release time: 2020/9/24 8:42:15
Yjd-a star type unloader, also known as square port unloader, is composed of motor, planetary gear reducer (x) or cycloid reducer (z) and rotary dragon type ash unloading valve. It is suitable for dust and small particle materials, and is widely used in metallurgical, chemical, grain, cement, road construction, drying equipment and other industrial projects.
Yjd-a-260 square flange type ordered by Jinan customers Star unloader The goods have been delivered, please check
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Yjd-a type Star unloader , also called Square port unloader It is composed of motor, gear difference planetary reducer (x) or needle fiber cycloid reducer (z) and rotary dragon type Ash unloading valve It consists of three parts. Star type dust unloading valve is suitable for continuously and smoothly discharging dust or particles under pressure into the air. It is an important equipment in pneumatic conveying and ventilation dust removal network. The main working part of the star type ash unloading valve is a rotating impeller, which not only transports materials but also seals, Ash unloading valve It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, compact and reasonable structure, light weight, large capacity and low power consumption.
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