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The Flumes dust collector bag is composed of two or more high-temperature fibers mixed and layered to achieve higher and newer physical and chemical properties. The trade name of the composite high-temperature resistant flumex needle punching filter felt is FMS. FMS dust bag series products have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high strength, resistance to acid and alkali corrosion, abrasion resistance and folding resistance.
Crusher magnetic separator belt relay 240 bag pulse bag dust collector is composed of frame, box, filter bag, dust cleaning device and compressed air device, differential pressure device and electric control device. After all installation work of the bag dust collector is completed, all exposed steel The surface of the structural part is brushed with alkyd enamel (or according to the technical agreement) twice to reach the specified thickness.
The structure of the mechanical vibrating bag filter is the same as that of other bag cleaning methods. It consists of a box, a rejection frame, a filter bag, and a ash hopper. The difference is that the ash cleaning device is different. The ash cleaning capacity of the bag-type vibration precipitator has a manual vibration device. Electric devices and pneumatic devices, of which electric devices are more used.
The filter cartridge dust collector uses the filter cartridge as a filter element or adopts a pulse blower. The arrangement of the dust filter cartridge in the dust collector is very important. The material of the dust filter cartridge can be divided into long fiber polyester filter cartridge, composite fiber filter cartridge, antistatic filter cartridge, flame retardant filter cartridge, coated filter cartridge, nano filter cartridge Wait.
DMC series pulse dust collector is a kind of small cloth bag dust collector equipment commonly used in the dust removal industry. This single machine dust collector has 24, 32, 48, 112, 80, 112, 120 six specifications and is divided into two installation types, which can meet different requirements. Installation.
The bag dust collector in the foundry uses _, high strength, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, wear resistance, anti-reflection dust bag, the dust removal skeleton adopts anti-corrosion treatment. Surface silicone spraying, etc. The surface silicone dust removal skeleton is particularly suitable for corrosive Great dust.
Pulse bag dust collector is a kind of small dust removal equipment commonly used in the dust removal industry. Jiangxi customers order 48 bags of dust collectors and 64 bags of dust collectors at one time. This type of small bag dust collector has good spraying effect, simple structure, convenient installation, clean High ash efficiency.
The stainless steel dust collector frame is made of stainless steel, and it is formed by one-time welding. It is characterized by strong welding, smooth appearance, good verticality, and easy use. Kangyue Environmental Protection accepts various specifications of custom dust collector.
The LHF rotary reverse blow flat bag dust collector produced by our factory is a new type of _ reverse blow flat bag dust collector. The practice for many years proves that the LHF reverse blow flat dust collector has _, low resistance, easy maintenance and reliable operation advantage.
LCM type long bag offline pulse dust collector, LDM type offline (online) ash cleaning pulse dust collector, MC type pulse bag dust collector, blast furnace gas low pressure pulse dust collector
CLK diffuser cyclone dust collector, multi-tube cyclone dust collector, ceramic cyclone dust collector, air lock valve
Kangyue Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. briefly introduces the supporting equipment of the bag dust collector, the venturi tube, the upper mouth of the skeleton, and the bottom of the dust removal skeleton. Commonly used are circular dust removal skeleton bottom, trapezoidal dust removal skeleton bottom and spring dust removal skeleton bottom ;
Manager Mu: Your hot-dip galvanized pulse dust collector has been shipped on 2012.09.29. It may belong to the hot-dip galvanized pulse dust collector during the holidays. It takes some time to arrive. Please check it in time.
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