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DMC series pulse stand-alone dust collector

The stand-alone pulse dust collector is a new design device. It mainly adopts the structure of up and down ventilation to make the connection of the entire device more tight, and also extends the life of the pulse stand-alone dust collector, and its sealing performance is rigorous. Achieve continuous operation.
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DMC series pulse stand-alone dust collector

I. Overview
The stand-alone pulse dust collector is a type of pulse dust collector and is one of Kangyue's environmentally friendly products. The stand-alone pulse dust collector is a large-scale dust removal equipment with high dust removal efficiency, good economic benefits, low air leakage rate, and long ash cleaning cycles. It is suitable for dust removal in the building materials, machinery, metallurgy, building materials, machinery, and chemical industries. The stand-alone pulse dust collector is mainly composed of an upper case, a middle case, an ash hopper, an air inlet equalizing pipe, a support filter bag, a blowing device, and an ash discharging device.
The working principle of the stand-alone pulse dust collector: Dust-containing gas enters the ash hopper of each sub-chamber from the air current equalizing pipe of the stand-alone pulse dust precipitator, and under the guidance of the ash bucket guide device, large particles of dust are separated and directly fall The ash bucket, while the finer dust enters the middle box uniformly and is adsorbed on the outer surface of the filter bag. The clean gas penetrates the filter bag and enters the upper box, and is discharged into the atmosphere through the off-line valves and exhaust pipes.
The structure of the stand-alone pulse dust collector is mainly composed of a filter room, a filter bag, a clean room, an ash hopper, an ash unloading device, an injection ash cleaning device, and an electric control system. There are seven series of stand-alone pulse dust collectors, and each specification is divided into two types: standard belt type (A type) and open flange type (type B without ash type). The pulse stand-alone dust collector has the advantages of small size, large air volume, compact structure, convenient use, safety and reliability. Stand-alone pulse dust collector is suitable for dust removal in conveyors, elevators, warehouse tops, warehouse bottoms, packaging machines, clinker crushing, etc. Stand-alone pulse dust collectors are widely used in various industrial and mining enterprises such as metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, machinery, mines, etc. Dust removal and purification of industrial dust and material recovery.
DMC series pulse injection single machine bag type dust collector is another new type of single machine bag type dust collector designed on the basis of domestic and foreign _ dust removal technology—Pulse-Jet ”(pulse-jet) bag type dust collector. The stand-alone pulse dust collector has strong dust removal ability, and is especially suitable for dust removal of scattered small air volume dust spots. The selection and process layout are relatively simple, and it can directly handle high-concentration dust-containing exhaust gas, improving the unit's adaptability. As a first-level local dust Source dust removal equipment, which can be widely used in cement conveying equipment (such as local dust sources at belt conveyors, hoists, conveyor chute, chain plate machines, zipper machines, etc.) and various storages (such as homogenization storage, cement Library top, library bottom).
In addition to the advantages of other stand-alone dust removal units, the DMC series pulse injection stand-alone bag dust collector also has the following advantages: 1. Online dust removal (compared to the shaking stand-alone dust removal unit, there is no need to stop the fan to remove dust);
2. Low cost;
3. It is more widely used. For continuous working occasions such as: belt conveyor transfer points, warehouse tops, warehouse bottoms, small mills, crushers, elevators, etc., especially for occasions with small installation space and no bag changing space, DMC series pulse injection single machine bag type The dust collector is a more ideal choice for users.
Second, the working principle of DMC series pulse injection single-machine bag type dust collector The dust-containing gas enters the ash hopper from the air inlet (the one without ash hopper will directly enter the bag room), and then the dust-containing gas enters the filter room with the filter bag. Dust is attached to the outer surface of the filter bag, and the purified gas enters the upper box from the filter bag, and is discharged to the atmosphere by the fan through the exhaust duct.
With the increase of the filtration time, the dust adhered to the outer surface of the filter bag increases continuously, and the resistance of the filter bag increases accordingly. When the resistance of the dust collector rises to a set value (generally 1500 ~ 1800Pa), the _ dust collector continues to work, Dust removal is required.
The filter bag of the dust collector is arranged in a straight line. Each row of filter bags is equipped with a pulse valve to control the compressed air pulse dust removal. The action of the pulse valve is controlled by a program controller. When cleaning, the cleaning controller sends a command to make the pulse valve release compressed air of 0.5 ~ 0.7MPa at the instant of operation. Compressed air is blown into the filter bag at high speed through the small hole on the blow pipe facing the filter bag. When it rushes into the filter bag, it induces a "secondary induced air flow" that is several times the compressed air. This kind of transient shock wave propagates downward along the length of the entire filter bag. Using this mechanism, the dust accumulated on the outside of the filter bag is peeled off from the filter bag wall, and the dust falls into the ash hopper. The duration of the pulse can be adjusted to suit the various characteristics of different dusts.
Three, single dust collector structure
The structure of the DMC series pulse spraying single bag filter is shown in Figure 1. It is mainly composed of a box, a bag room, an access door, a fan, compressed air, a blowing system, an ash hopper, and legs. Structural features: The door is opened on both sides, and the filter bag is convenient for maintenance and is not restricted by the position of the top space. The filter bag seat and the venturi are fixed by a thread connection. The filter bag frame is tightly connected to the bag seat, and the filter bag is made of polyester needle felt. For high temperature flue gas, the filter bag is made of glass fiber needle felt. For areas with particularly strict emission requirements, composite filters can be used.
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Figure 1 Working principle of DMC type pulse jet single bag filter 1- Ash collection bucket; 2-Upper box; 3-Venturi tube; 4-Fan;
5-blowing pipe; 6-pulse valve; 7-filter bag; 8-bag cage; 9-air inlet pipe
Third, the performance parameter table







Total filtration area m 2

twenty four






Filtering wind speed m / min







Air volume m 3 / min







Number of filter bags (strips)







Air consumption m 3 / min







Inlet concentration

g / m 3 n


Outlet concentration mg / m 3 n


Blowing pressure



Under pressure



Equipment resistance



Pulse valve










motor model




Y132S 1 -2

Y132S 1 -2

Y132S 2 -2

Motor Power







Fourth, ordering instructions
1. When ordering, please write down the specification model and installation form, and at the same time, provide the dust treatment process parameters to our institute, which is convenient for you.
2. The scope of equipment supply includes: Mainframe equipment: with ash bucket and outrigger type front and rear are bounded by air inlet pipe and fan outlet; the lower part is with ash bucket lock air valve flange as boundary; without ash bucket and outrigger type is box The lower flange and the fan outlet are bounded; the compressed air system is bounded by the air intake pipe of the gas storage tank.
3. Supplied with instruction manual (please refer to the fund raising plan for details) and installation drawing.
Fives. installation
DMC series pulse spraying single machine bag type dust collector is delivered to the site after being assembled by our factory for the type without dust hopper and outriggers. For the type with ash bucket and outriggers, the ash bucket and outriggers are installed on site. The air inlet pipe on the bucket is installed in the ash bucket according to the requirements of the site according to the requirements of the picture. For the installation of DMC series pulse spraying single machine bag dust collector without ash bucket, for safety and convenient maintenance, a grille net is added at the bottom of the box.
six. Inspection and maintenance
The dust cleaning program controller and fan should be checked frequently to ensure its normal operation. For compressed air, whether it is supplied separately or collectively, the pressure is 0.5 to 0.7 MPa, otherwise it will affect the dust cleaning effect. If the discharge dust content is found, you must stop the machine and open the inspection door to check whether the filter bag is damaged or whether the filter bag cuffs are tight. If the above phenomenon occurs, replace the filter bag or fasten the filter bag tightly. After handling, close the maintenance door to prevent air leakage and affect the use of the dust collector.
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