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Skeleton mouth

Kangyue Environmental Protection _ The supporting equipment for the production of bag dust collectors is the skeleton bottom of the dust removal skeleton, which is generally used in conjunction with the dust removal skeleton. It is also used to fix the dust bag. Welded.
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Skeleton mouth details

Kangjie environmental protection _ supporting equipment for the production of bag dust collectors, the skeleton bottom of the dust removal skeleton, which is generally used in conjunction with the dust removal skeleton, and is used to fix the dust removal bag. It is also a bag dust collector. The dust removal skeleton is also called the dust removal frame, which is a special equipment used once. Welded. Dust removal framework features: strong welding, smooth and straight appearance. Dust removal framework is the ribs of the filter bag, and the quality of the dust removal framework directly affects the working state and service life of the filter bag. Commonly used are round skeleton, trapezoidal skeleton and spring skeleton; Commonly used with the dust removal skeleton are round dust removal skeleton bottom , trapezoidal dust removal skeleton bottom and spring dust removal skeleton bottom . Other frameworks are supported: Venturi tube , hanging cap, hanging device, etc. My Kangjie Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. produces more than one million meters per year. The surface treatment is galvanized or plastic sprayed on the surface, corrosion resistance and long life. The diameter of the skeleton mouth bottom is 130, 170, 180 and so on.
The bottom of the skeleton is made of galvanized and pig iron.
The characteristics of the bottom of the dust removal skeleton: low cost, easy installation, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, durable, stable performance and high dust removal rate, the dust removal efficiency can generally reach 96 ~ 98%, and the dust removal efficiency of the double barrel dust collector can reach more than 98% .
Adaptability of the bottom of the dust removal skeleton:
The adaptability of the bottom of the skeleton mouth is strong, and it can be used for dust removal and desulfurization in a variety of industrial boilers and dusty places, with stable operation and simple maintenance. Is the user's ideal boiler supporting products.
Skeleton mouth
Skeleton mouth installation and features:
1. When installing the dust-removal accessories , use acid-resistant rubber to coat the joints to ensure that there is no water leakage at the joints.
2. The interior is smooth and smooth, which reduces the water consumption to the original 3/4 and reduces the running cost.
3. The inlet and outlet are equipped with flanges and provide the flange size. Asbestos rope is used to fill the joints during installation to prevent air leakage and affect the dust removal effect.
4, using _ granite, machined into a round curved plate, the overall structure is smooth and flat. Has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, wear resistance,
5. The bottom of the mouth of the skeleton is closed, which improves the efficiency, reduces the consumption of wind energy, and reduces external pollution than the traditional non-closed mouth.
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