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Silicone dust removal framework

The cost of organic silicon dust removal framework is much lower than that of stainless steel dust removal framework, and it has good corrosion resistance and good performance. It has been widely used by users and has been well received by users.
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Silicone dust removal framework in detail

Silicone dust removal framework

316L 作为原材料,由于成本很高,用户很难接受。 In the past, for power plants and waste incineration plants with relatively harsh working conditions, the frame used usually uses stainless steel 316L as the raw material. Due to the high cost, it is difficult for users to accept. In the past two years, we have used carbon steel as a raw material, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed with pure imported silicone powder. The cost of silicone dust removal framework is much lower than that of stainless steel dust removal framework. , Get the praise of users.

  The dust-removal framework treated with silicone technology can completely replace the stainless steel framework, which can greatly reduce the maintenance cost of the equipment. And every frame manufactured can meet the requirements of lightness, smoothness and straightness. 200 万只,可满足客户急时供货需求。 The annual production volume is 2 million, which can meet customers' urgent supply requirements. Si C 键的化合物通称为有机硅化合物,习惯上也常把那些通过氧、硫、氮等使有机基与硅原子相连接的化合物也当作有机硅化合物。 Any compound containing a Si - C bond is commonly referred to as an organosilicon compound, and those compounds that connect organic groups to silicon atoms via oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen, etc. are also commonly used as organosilicon compounds. Si 0 Si —)为骨架组成的聚硅氧烷,是有机硅化合物中为数_多,研究_深、应用_广的一类,约占总用量的 90% 以上。 Among them, polysiloxanes with a silicon-oxygen bond ( —Si 0 Si —) as a skeleton are among the most numerous, most researched, and most widely used organosilicon compounds, accounting for about 90% of the total amount. % Or more.   

Because silicone has the properties of both inorganic and organic materials, it has excellent characteristics such as high and low temperature resistance, electrical insulation, ozone resistance, radiation resistance, flame resistance, hydrophobicity, clothing resistance, odorlessness, and physiological inertness. It is widely used in electronics. Electrical, construction, chemical, textile, light industry, medical and other industries, the main functions of applying silicone include: sealing, packaging, bonding, lubrication, coating, lamination, surface activity, delamination, defoaming, foaming , Cross-linking, waterproof, moisture-proof, inert filling, etc. And with the continuous increase in the number and variety of organic silicon, the application field has continued to expand, forming a unique and important product system in the field of new chemical materials, many varieties are irreplaceable and essential for other chemicals.
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