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Polyester needle felt felt bag

The polyester needle-punched felt dust-removing cloth bag is made of polyester fiber, using production equipment and manufacturing technology, a statement of working conditions and use requirements, and a variety of denier fibers are mixed to produce a polyester dust-removing cloth bag with high filtration performance. Welcome to inquire: 0317-8346823.
河北省>泊头市 Place of Origin: Hebei Province> Botou City
泊头市康越环保有限公司 Supplier: Botou Kangyue Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.
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Polyester Needle Felt Dust Bag

The polyester needle-punched felt dusting bag is made of _ polyester fiber, which adopts _ production equipment and _ manufacturing process, one sentence characteristics and use requirements, and a variety of denier fibers are mixed to produce a polyester filter material with high filtration performance .
The polyester needle felt felt bag produced by our company has the advantages of high porosity, good air permeability, high dust collection efficiency and long service life, which are unique to ordinary felt filter cloths. Because of its moderate temperature resistance, _ up to 150 ° C, Acid resistance, moderate alkalinity and very good abrasion resistance, it has become a variety in the amount of felt filter media.
The product can be treated with scorching, calendering, water and oil repellent, PTFE impregnation, coating, filming, etc. as required.
Polyester, polyester yarn
Gram weight (g / ㎡)
450 500 550 600
Thickness (mm)
1.4 1.7 1.8 1.9
Breaking strength (warp direction) (N / 5 × 20cm)
1000 1040 1100 1140
Breaking strength (weft) (N / 5 × 20cm)
1100 1250 1270 1270
Elongation at break (warp direction) (%)
Elongation at break (weft) (%)
Operating temperature (connection) (° C)
130 130 130 130
Operating temperature (instantaneous) (° C)
150 150 150 150
Air permeability (m³ / ㎡ / min)
13.8 12.6 11.4 10.2
Acid resistance
Strong Strong Strong Strong
Acid resistance
in in in in
Superb sewing technology and filter materials are the key to filter bags! Our company introduces special sewing equipment to produce all kinds of filter bags for domestic and imported bag dust collectors, with an annual production capacity of up to 2 million. The cloth bag is a key element that determines the dust removal efficiency and working temperature of the bag filter, and the cost of replacing the bag is the main maintenance cost of the bag filter. Therefore, the working life of the dust bag is related to the operating status and cost of the bag filter.
Company_Manufacture of three-needle and six-thread sewing unit for dust-removing cloth bags. It can process various shapes such as round, trapezoidal, 扃 -shaped and special-shaped filter bags according to user requirements.
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