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HKD new dryer bag type dust collector

HKD new type dryer bag type dust collector is a new product designed and researched by Hefei Cement Research and Design Institute Environmental Protection Institute based on the characteristics of high temperature flue gas of the dryer of the cement plant, combining theory and years of practical experience.
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HKD new dryer bag dust collector details

Product Overview
HKD new type dryer bag type dust collector is researched and designed by Hefei Cement Research and Design Institute Environmental Protection Institute based on the characteristics of high temperature flue gas of the dryer of the cement plant, combined with theory and years of practical experience. _New product, this technology has won __ .
First, installation and maintenance (1) HKD new type dryer bag dust collector _ installation and acceptance strictly according to the design drawings
(2) The connection points of the air inlet and exhaust pipes, various valves, ash discharge knives and other equipment should be sealed to make the air-tightness of the ventilation and dust removal system good, and its air leakage rate is ≤3%.
(3) During the handling and bundling of the filter bag, it is necessary to prevent the filter bag from contacting the surrounding hard objects and pointed objects. It is strictly forbidden to press and fold to prevent the holes and cracks in the dust removal bag from affecting the dust removal effect. The bundling of filter bags shall meet the technical requirements.
(4) During the operation of the dust collector, the discharge situation should be monitored at any time. If ash is found in the chimney, it indicates that the flue gas is short-circuited or the bag is dropped or broken. It should be identified and disposed of in time.
(5) When the dryer is stopped, before the dust extraction fan is stopped, the dust collector _ cleans the dust, cleans the dust on the filter bag, and drains the dust in the ash bucket to prevent after the shutdown. Dust "deliquesses" and "paste bags" in the filter bag and ash hopper, which affects the efficiency of dust removal and the service life of equipment and filter bags.
(6) When the dust collector is installed, a space of more than 1m in width should be reserved around the box to install the maintenance platform and stairs. When the dust collector_ is installed on the floor, in order to adapt to the special height of the building, a part of the ash hopper can be placed below the floor.
(7) The installation design should be compatible with the process design, and _ meet the requirements of the process design. The recovered dust should be introduced into the conveying machinery through the ash discharge pipe as much as possible, and the drop of the ash discharge pipe should not be greater than 400mm to avoid unnecessary Dust, conveying capacity of conveying machinery _ is greater than the conveying capacity of ф250 screw conveyor. The ash discharge pipe is required to be installed vertically, and the ash discharge valve should be installed in an area convenient for maintenance.
Model, technical requirements and specifications
1.HKD dryer dew condensation bag type dust collector model expression method
HKD—— Abbreviation of initials for dryer anti-condensation bag type dust collector
abc——filtration area of each bag room (unit) (m2)
n——Number of bag rooms (units)
2. Process design technical requirements (1) _ The elevation of 0.00m is determined according to the process layout.
(2) The ash discharge screw conveyor under the dust collector shall not be less than φ250mm.
(3) Each foundation load includes the weight of the ash bucket filled with ash.
(4) The direction of the stairs is determined by the process design according to the site conditions. If the dust collector is arranged in the open air, it should be considered to set up rain protection facilities on top of the dust collector.
(5) Wind and snow loads are considered separately depending on the area.
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