Kangyue 30D offline pulse controller, offline pulse controller, programmable pulse controller-KYM-LC-30D offline pulse controller

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KYM-LC-30D offline pulse controller

KYM-LC-30D off-line pulse controller is the main control device for pulse bag dust removal. The output of the off-line pulse controller controls the 24V signal to control the electromagnetic pulse valve to cyclically clean the filter bag. The programmable pulse controller With _ dust collector's processing capacity and dust collection efficiency. Consulting Tel: 15030796891
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KYM-LC-30D offline pulse controller

KYM-LC-30D <strong> Offline pulse controller </ strong>
product description:
KYM-LC-30D off - line pulse controller is the main control device of bag type dust removal and dust removal system . The output of the off-line pulse controller is a 24V signal used to control the electromagnetic pulse valve to cyclically clean the filter bag, in order to _ the capacity of the dust collector And dust collection efficiency. Botou Kangyue Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. produces various types of pulse controllers, and uses SMT technology to develop various new products in order to provide more stable and convenient intelligent and programmable pulse controllers to the majority of end customers.
1. The output side of the controller is equipped with work instructions for each output point, which can quickly determine the status of the output point;
2. The controller adopts a waterproof housing structure with a waterproof connector, which can be applied outdoors and in dusty environments;
3. The controller is easy to install and easy to set up.
Product advantages:
I. Functional advantages:
1. The number of on-line output channels is adjustable, and the parameter setting is simple. The number of offline poppet valves and the number of chamber pulse valves can be freely adjusted to increase the parameters of the chamber interval and the pulse interval;
2. There is a power-on signal port, which can be connected to a differential pressure switch, DCS system, to achieve constant differential pressure control or remote control;
3. The switching power supply replaces the traditional transformer, adapts to low voltage requirements, and realizes output short circuit protection and automatic recovery.
Structural advantages:
1. Pluggable wiring enclosure for easy wiring;
2. The space between the terminal of the circuit board and the bottom is large, and the wiring is very convenient;
3.Industrial-grade waterproof and dustproof housing design, longer outdoor life.
Third, quality advantages:
1._ circuit design, after pulse train, static test, adapt to the complex industrial environment;
2.SMT automatic production technology, high quality;
3. High-quality industrial components, strict quality control system, inspection equipment and process control.
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