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Designed uses and advantages of gravity dust removal equipment

泊头市康越环保 发布时间: 2019/9/2 9:05:30 Source : Kangyue Environmental Protection of Botou City Release time: 2019/9/2 9:05:30
Gravity dust removal is a relatively old and simple dust removal method. Gravity sedimentation dust removal device is called gravity dust collector, also called sedimentation chamber. Gravity dust removal equipment is the dust removal equipment where dust particles are settled under the action of gravity.
Gravity dust removal is a relatively old and simple dust removal method. The gravity sedimentation dust removal device is called gravity dust collector and also called sedimentation chamber.Its main advantages are: ① simple structure and easy maintenance; ② low resistance, generally about 5o ~ 15oPa, mainly due to pressure loss at the gas inlet and outlet; ③ maintenance Low cost and durability; ④ Excellent reliability and few failures. Its disadvantages are: ① low dust removal efficiency, generally only 40% ~ 5o%, suitable for trapping dust particles larger than 5oμm; ② large equipment, suitable for processing normal-temperature or high-temperature gas with medium air volume, mostly used as pre-dust for multi-stage dust removal use. Because of its unique advantages, it has applications in many occasions. When the amount of dust is large or the granularity is very small, it will be particularly advantageous to use a gravity dust collector to clean it in advance when it has a harmful effect on the next stage dust collector used in series.
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There are many types of gravity dedusting equipment and their forms are quite different, so there are many differences in structural performance. It is a kind of equipment that makes the particulate matter in the dust-containing gas settle naturally by the action of gravity.
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