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What is the difference between other types of magnetic dust collectors?

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In the dust removal process of the iron and steel industry, the magnetic dust collector is an energy-saving dust collector; the electrostatic dust collector has an electrical breakdown phenomenon, which requires an electrode distance of _, a specified field strength, and specific operating conditions. Wide, stable and safe operation, and can achieve close adsorption of particles in a magnetic field, which is where it is better than an electrostatic precipitator.
Magnetic dust collectors are used to collect magnetic dust. For example, more than 7o% of the dust in steel smelting is magnetic. Taking oxygen top-blown furnace dust control as an example, a high gradient magnetic filter is used. The magnetic medium is bristle, and the filling rate is 5% ~ 1o%. The magnetic induction intensity is 0.2 ~ 0.8T, the gas flow rate is 7.3 ~ 8.2m / s, and the filter thickness is 5 ~ 10cm. Like electric dust removal, magnetic force directly acts on the dust particles, so magnetic dust removal is also energy-saving; electrostatic precipitators have an electrical breakdown phenomenon, which requires an electrode distance of _, a prescribed field strength, and specific operating conditions, and magnetic dust The magnetic induction intensity range is very wide, the operation is stable and safe, and the particles can be adsorbed in a magnetic field in a short distance. This is where it is better than an electrostatic precipitator . Therefore, the magnetic dust collector has a wide application prospect.
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